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Monday May 4, 6:00 at he North end of the Bahia parking lot. A mix of paddling and dry land work..Bring whatever you paddle, accommodations can be made if you don't have something to paddle, so you can come anyway....Reasons to come, if you think you're not "fit" enough, if you think you'll be left behind, if you think you're super fit....All welcome, regardless of fitness, abilities etc....You come to train to get in shape and improve your conditioning, not because you're already fit....We don't wait to start school once we are smart.....Trying to fill the group training gap until Chris Hill starts the Paddle Society sessions!

It would be cool if this site had a fitness and training section and/or a "Looking for paddling or truing company now/what's going on "now".....Is it possible to add a photo here?



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    Fitness and Training section....We like the way you think! Consider those sections added here to the message boards soon, and we hope to feature health and nutrition articles and videos from California trainers and fitness gurus on our blog ( in the coming weeks. Keep the suggestions coming and thanks for joining the Cali Paddler tribe.

    p.s. yes pictures can be added here, menu bar above, 5th button from the right should allow you to insert an image path. Doesn't appear you can upload one though, we will look into that feature soon. In the meantime, you can get image path on any hosted image, including facebook images, by right-click in a browser an image/ select properties, view image or copy link info, etc and copy/pasting into the insert image dialog box. ya yah, complicated we know. :)

    p.p.s. OTW!
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