What's your favorite seat?

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So, any seat in a canoe is an honor. And we should be grateful to just be there. But if you got to choose our favorite, what would it be....and why?


  • I am, always have been, and always will be, a member of the engine room. Seat 4 feels most like home, though I enjoy trying out other seats all the time. Yes, my okole has been wedged sideways in seat 1 on occasion ...
  • I'm with Paul. Seat four is my comfort zone for sure. Getting more and more comfortable in all six seats though. Flexibility is the way to go :)
  • My power to weight makes me an ideal for the bookends. Just wish people actually knew we are working in the back. ;)

  • Nah, just sipping tea and eating crumpets back there in seat six

  • I have seat 1 to be my favorite seat, followed closely by Seat 6.  Up there you are the eyes of the canoe, and everything you do, gets passed back to the paddlers behind you. Keeps me on my toes to keep my attitude and body language positive, and even when I feel alone up there, I am reminded with each hut hoe call that I am backed up by my teammates.

    The other reason, is when you are paddling in conditions, its a blast. Having to lock your legs in to stay in the canoe as you launch over a swell, or adjust the rate slightly as you catch bumps, nothing better.

    Seat 6 is a close second.

    Not a fan of sitting two if that is the seat that has to do the calls. Too much thinking! :)
    ~ CSGRacer
  • All of them...except 4
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