Tuesday Bumps

Headed out on Tuesday for a little OC-1 seat time. It's been a while since I have attempted it while recovering from a lower back injury. Clearly my canoe (Hokulele) missed me judging by the fine layer of dust and a wary eye to my approach. 

After a little rinse off prior to paddling, she seemed much happier with me. Headed out from the Mission Bay for a short stint outside the harbor mouth in search of the hard to locate Ruby buoy markers. Didn't find them, but did find a lot of nicely stacked windswell to surf back in. Great hour spent getting reacquainted. 

Anybody else head out Tuesday?


  • Paul, we are convinced the Ruby Buoy has been confiscated by some prankster. We haven't spotted it in 2015. Anyone see it recently? Maybe our courses have just been off.
  • Quite possible!
  • They've been there. 2 big white balls..

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